David Lidbetter spend the rest of his time in management development and training. Part of this role is coaching executives in making speeches and presentations and recording video of them doing so, so David is more usually behind the camera than in front.
Graham Walker hails from South Africa, and his time on the Isle of Arran was his first visit to Scotland. Trained as a doctor, Graham currently works for a pharmaceutical company in the south of England.

Our guide for the Three Beinns walk on Arran was Lucy Wallace of Arran Wild Walks. Lucy offers guided mountain and low level walks on the island as well as navigation training.

At Ae Forest we met Steve Stanker at the Ae Bike Shop. The shop sells and rents and maintains bikes and offers mountain bike tuition; there is also a cafe, showers and a bike wash. Maps and route descriptions for the trails at Ae Forest can be found on the 7 Stanes website.